When it comes to 3D content, we mean models, props, materials, textures, scripts, and more. For now, we are going to show you how to search the web/internet for freebies that you may not have been notified about.  These search methods do not always return the results that we are looking for, but can be quite rewarding when they do reveal some cool content.  Since our firm focuses primarily on the Daz Studio (DS) and Poser (PS) applications, those are programs for which we are searching for content to build your library.


The big contenders when it comes to both Daz Studio and Poser content are Renderosity and Daz3D.  Perhaps because Daz Studio is maintained and distributed by Daz3D, and Poser (created by Smith-Micro) is now being maintained by Renderosity.  Don't get me wrong, there are many other places to find great free items to build your library but for now we will focus on the two firms that have a vested interest in the continued successs of Daz Studio and Poser.


Make no mistake, you should sign up for (subscribe to) newsletters and notifications from Renderosity and Daz3D to stay informed and up to date.  You will also have to create yourself a free account at both of these places to get the most benefit.  This is your own personal choice, but I have found that there are way more pro's than con's when it comes to getting great content for free.


How often you should search is a result of your own personal preferences and the timing of free releases by these two firms.  At Rendo, the Freestuff section is always online but if you see something that you like, you should get it "just in case" it is removed and also while you know whereit is. The Freestuff section at Rendo is HUGE!  Daz doesn't have a separate free section, but has many items that are $0.00 or free all of the time.  Daz also releases many pay-for items for free during short periods of time, so this may dictate how often you schedule your searches.  If you are still unsure, we suggest you start with a weekly search on the day of your choice.  Be sure to change this to shorter or longer as required to fit your schedule.


We will be showing you three ways to find free content to start building your content library.  Remember that we are focused on the two big contender and not all the other wonderful artists (including ourselves) who provide free content to Daz Studio and Poser users.


This one is simple, just go to the Free Stuff section of Renderosity and start perusing all of the freebies.  However, you can refine your searches using the Search bar located in the upper-middle of the page.  Be sure to change to the Free Stuff section for your search text before starting the search.  You will need to sign up for a free account to download anything.


You would not believe how many very nice 3D items are released in the monthly Renderosity Newsletter.  Please consider subscribing instead of searching so you always get the notification when a new newsletter freebie is available. But for those of you who insist on searching, here is what you need to do:  Using your favorite browser (Edge, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc) and search engine (Bing, Google, etc) conduct a search for "renderosity newsletter freebie".  Of course you will have to filter the search results yourself to find new items (hence the subscription).  If you take a close look at the results, you will notice that you can further refine your searches to a month and year like "renderosity newsletter freebie march 2018".


This one is also simple, just go to the Daz3D store and search for "100%" in the Search bar located in the upper-right. Once the results are returned, start perusing all of the freebie matches.  You will need to sign up for a free account to download anything.  The nice thing here is that if you sign in first and turn on the filter to "Hide Items I Own", when you click the "Show All" button and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will only see matches that you have not yet acquired into your account.  Obviously if it is blank, you have already 'purchased' all of those items that matched.

DAZ 100% Search


Lastly, if you don't have the time or don't want to go to the trouble of searching for free things, then you could consider subscribing to our news and announcements.  In addition to our own  news and announcements, when we run across those amazing freebies that you just cannot pass up, we send out our own notifications to our subscribers so that they don't miss out.

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