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Quickfill Texture Templates
Chest of Drawers for Daz Studio


We hope that you find this quickfill texture template (QTT) useful to create your own texture sets for the Chest of Drawers by MikeD available from Daz3D:
Chest of Drawers by MikeD

Here is the NVIDIA Iray render of the Chest of Drawers with the default texture set.

Here are two renders of the Chest of Drawers with the Quickfill Texture Template applied.

The purpose of the Quickfill Texture Template is to aid you with developing and using your own textures to use with the Chest of Drawers.  You can see in this reduced version how a wide-variety of colors are used to distinguish individual parts of the Daz model.

The QTT image is 2048x2048 and contains labels for the various parts of the Daz model.

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